Sketchbook Confidential and My Latest Crush

This week finds me in art production mode. So, until I have a finished print or two, here’s a sketch made on the Fourth of July, 2010:

I suppose I should explain a bit about my sketchbooks. I use a “Roaring Spring” unlined Composition book, and while I call it my sketchbook, it is really my “everything” book. The sketches just keep me limber, and often surround grocery lists, to-do lists, jotted notes, and journal entries. Sometimes I’ll staple things into them- receipts, ticket stubs, etc.

What I post here are sketches that have gone particularly well. Sometimes they are out of proportion or ho-hum…but hey, that’s what a sketchbook is for. :)

Now, on to the second part of the post: aluminum! AKA, the subject of my latest art-crush. I got my hands on a fantastic book published in 1968 called Aluminum: How It’s Made and Where It’s Used. Check out these illustrations:

And the cover:

Who knew aluminum could be so cute?


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