My Jams: the Soundtrack of My Childhood, and This N’ That

So, I wanted to post something because I feel like I could be giving my blog a bit more attention. And also, a lot of exciting things have been happening in Sarahpo Land.

But first, let us Jam. I present, some of the things I’ve been listening to lately at work…basically, music I found at my parents house, that made me squeal with delight, because I hadn’t heard it in YEARS:

So, having properly Jammed, what exciting things are going on? Firstly, Mike and I have been more adventurous with food. I’ve been baking a lot more- scones and quick breads, mostly. Delicious. Or, “icious,” as Mike and I have come to say, based on the burned-out neon Arby’s sign (“Arby’s Roast Beef Sandwich is Icious.”) near our apartment. Anyway, I came home today and the apartment smelled amazing– because Mike made corn bread and goulash (a noodle goulash, not stew goulash) !  Ahhh, it was wonderful.

Some more exciting things include:

-I’m reorganizing/ restyling my studio! Which includes a trip to IKEA, muahaha. Damage will be done. I’m looking forward to posting some pics…perhaps I will do a before and after.

-It’s Spring! More or less. We had snow Monday, but it’s warm again today…so Weather, I forgive you. Let’s hug.

-I’m getting a brand new, shiny printer! Can’t wait to start using it. And I got some icious coffee in the mail from my lovely friend Sara. (Thank you Sara!)

-I’m going on vacation soon! I CAN’T WAIT!

-And…I watched the Craft last Friday while eating Triple Chocolate scoop-n-bake cookies! Nerdy? Yes. But fun and silly, just what the soul needs sometimes.

Well, that’s all for now. Except, I did want to say “hey” to my one subscriber, Scott. Hope you’re doing well!

And hey, if you’re a regular reader, feel free to subscribe! It would really make my day, no joke!

PS- Sorry if the VEVO videos redirect you to YouTube!

  1. My name in print! Thanks for making all my dreams come true, Sarahpo.

    • Sarah Martin said:

      :D Hurrah! All in a day’s work, my friend.

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