Yesterday I felt like having some free, unplanned sketchbook time. I did a little drawing of a bookcase which holds various get-fit implements:

Mostly, I have these things to maintain my sanity in the winter, when I can’t have a good work out in the park. The bottom shelf holds some free weights- the heaviest at 25 lbs. I, being twig-armed, do not use them. Mike has better success- he can curl one (several times in a row, in fact), which is beyond my ability at the moment. Maybe if I used both arms and grunted a lot.

For this sketch, I used some new brush pens that my friend Sara (of the “icious” coffee) sent me. I really love them, they allow for a lot of playfulness and flexibility when drawing.

In other news, my studio redecoration/ organization project is still in progress, but the changes have been wonderful so far. Looking forward to sharing some images!


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