Food, Local and Global

Mike and I went to the Winston-Salem Farmer’s Market this morning- a favorite end of the week treat. Snow peas and broccoli were converted into a little salad:

We also had tomato slices on Camino Bakery bread, with hummus:

This sandwich had a top slice, but that seemed to disappear before I took this image. Hmm…

Speaking of local food, a couple weeks ago we went to the Greek Festival here, and this time brought some treats back:

I forget what these lovely little cookies are called, but they were great- a little present to myself each time I had one. They had an almond-like flavor and a shortbread texture, if I’m remembering correctly. Beautifully made, as well. Treat-wise, I’ve also enjoyed some Japanese candy, brought back from a recent family trip to Disney World:

It’s basically like clear rock candy, shaped into mini “icebergs”. Well, now you have some idea of what’s in my kitchen! I’ll end there for now, that’s a lot of foodie pictures for one post.

  1. Deftgurl said:

    The mini “icebergs are great. How creative. I like to pick random candy up at the Asian food store in our neighborhood, when I’m there. The packaging alone is worth it, and sometimes the candy tastes great, too, even if I’m not sure exactly what I’m eating. ;)

  2. Sarah Martin said:

    I’ve been meaning to get myself to one of the local Asian markets. I agree, the packaging makes me so happy. I still have some from candy eaten years ago, because I didn’t think I’d get to buy it again. I should post an image of it, maybe they have it in town.

    The iceberg candy is just granulated sugar- but yeah, sometimes I read the ingredients list and think, “Wha..?”

    By the way, I like your tea documentation project! Trying new teas is one of the things that make life great.

  3. Sarah Martin said:

    Also, a Post Correction:
    Just realized I said “snow peas”…actually they are sugar snap peas. I met the guy who grows them, and that is yet another perk of going to the Farmer’s Market. :)

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