Of Bikes and Bracelets

It’s been busy the last month or so, here in Sarahpo land. But now, I’ll pause to bring you some updates.

First, I’ve been enjoying a little internet series during my down time. It’s a video travelogue at http://www.pathlesspeddled.com. I love travelogues- can’t get enough of them, really. So I’ve immersed myself in this one, watching as the travelers get caught in hail, eat great food, and meet crafty people and other bike-touring types. It’s a lot of fun. I recommend starting from the beginning, with the preparatory videos. They got rid of or sold most of their stuff, prior to the first trip- admirable to say the least. Here’s a link:


Second, I’ve added some new bracelets to the shop, and have a few more in the works. I hope to add some fun Halloween inspired ones, soon. Pictured below are some of the new ones.

The rose-pink and brown bracelet, called “Chocolate Kiss,” I shared in an earlier post. It’s finally for sale! Pictured also are my “Moss Garden” (in medium and light moss green, top right) and “Sushi” bracelets. I really love how the end of the sushi bracelet looks in this image: kind of hovering over the ground.

Well I do believe that is all for me, for now. I’ll have some Halloween news for you in a bit.

Have a great weekend!

– Sarahpo

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