Hi! I’m Sarah. I make cute and colorful illustrations. My work is inspired by my love of nature, color, pattern, and craft. The pieces I create are great for kids and adults alike.

My blog focuses on my work and life. “Sarahpo” is a nickname given to me by my dear hubby.

If you’d like to get in touch, please email me at sarahmartinartwork(at)gmail(dot)com. I’d love to hear from you!

Some more info about me, if you’re curious:

I absolutely love to travel, exercise, walk aimlessly, and get lost in a good book. I collect cat figurines, and have spent the past few years researching simple living and minimalism. I’m in awe of people who live out of their backpacks and travel the world.

I’ve always loved to draw. Many of my childhood afternoons were spent contentedly doodling in notebooks or sketchbooks. My maternal grandmother is an artist, and she introduced me to watercolors, figure drawing, paper mache, sewing…you name it! My paternal grandmother writes and quilts, and sketches some herself. Both of these women sparked my love for art and craft.

Cut to college, and I’m…a bio major. I know, weird, right? I started in bio because I could handle math and science pretty well (even Calculus…gasp!) and thought I would marry art and science by being a scientific illustrator. I soon found that I liked art WAY more, so I focused on that and got a BFA in Fine Art (with honors- Magna Cum Laude). Whoohoo!

So yes, art was the better choice. Since then, I have worked on freelance graphic design projects and have been developing my illustration work. Past clients include Ed Bassmaster (of YouTube fame), the Center for a Better Life, Script-a-Wish, Pillar Innovations, and West Virginia University. I’ve also participated in three art shows (two in WV, one in NC) and hope to add to that list!

About my blog and Etsy shop names:
So, what’s with my blog/shop name? you may wonder. My husband dubbed me Sarahpo when we were dating, which has since been shortened to Po. (Po is short for Pooh- I remind him of Winnie the Pooh). I use it for my shop because it fits my work- cute and sweet. Also, I drew Pooh’s ‘‘ Hunny“ pot in kindergarten- my earliest memory of drawing.

If you made it this far, YOU ARE A CHAMP! No, scratch that- you are a champ no matter what. Thanks for taking the time to read about me!

  1. Sarah Martin said:

    Yay! My first-ever blog award. Thank you! :) I’m pleased you like my posts.

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